Anne Gros - Vosne Romanée
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Because Burgundy, “The Roof of the Western World” is a crossroads of ideologies, the meeting place of creative craftsmen, winegrowers, painters, potters and chefs, it is a real delight for me to enable you to discover the work and talents of Isabelle, Claude, Nathalie, Françoise, Armelle...

Domaine Anne Gros (harvest period)

example2If you seek a better understanding and wish to witness the birth of the wines you enjoy, I offer you the opportunity to participate in the grape harvest within our small team.

Never will you forget the physical contact with the Burgundian soil, the harmonious gesture between the secateurs and the hand which picks the grape, the sensation of weight when the bucket is brought up to the hod, the aroma of the dripping juice, the squashed grape between your lips both sweet and acidic, the taste of the pip, the tousled hair one attempts to tame with sticky fingers…(this is only an insight as.I dare not mention the backache….). Never again will you look at your glass of wine in the same way...

To ease the administrative workload, enrolments to work in the vineyard must be for a minimum of two days.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

This activity is considered as formal employment and is subject to current legislation. Therefore, we can only accept applications from residents of the European Union and non-EU residents holding work and residence permits.

Technical tastings at the Burgundy wine school in Beaune
Sixteen courses lasting between 1 ½ hours and 5 days are offered by Jean-Charles Servant and Annabelle Euvrard in the professional tasting rooms and in some chosen old Burgundian wine-cellars.

What pleasure to be coached à la carte! There will always be a training session to your liking...

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L’Atelier Bleu in Meursault (Pottery)
(only during school holidays at Autumn half term (Oct/Nov), February, Easter and July).
Free expression of the earth by Isabelle Paciotti (modelling, sculpture, enamel work…)
Isabelle invites you to discover the ancestral, natural and harmonious manipulation of clay within small groups in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Her personalised coaching is never overbearing and focuses on your original creation. She welcomes children from 6 years upwards, adolescents and adult beginners or improvers for sessions of 2 days or more. If your creation is not completed, you can take it home with you and finish it at a later date. Isabelle is very understanding of everyone’s individual pace.
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Claude Taccard – Association Bourgognee Bien Etre (Health and well-being)
It is a real treat to experience complete relaxation of the body after having worked all the senses and memory during intensive wine tasting! It provides total rejuvenation, deep cleansing and a purification of the mind. Ideal for epicureans…
Claude is a Shiatsu trainer and practitioner at the massage school at the Joël Savatofski Training Institute. He is offering services at La Colombière on appointment (tel :

  • Essential massage using oils on a massage couch – a full session lasting 1½ hours costing 70 euros.
  • Relaxation treatment involving gentle movements on the floor with stretching and massage of the face, hands and feet.
  • Seated massage with particular emphasis on the back, lumbar region, neck and shoulders.
  • Tokuda Sensei Shiatsu: harmonisation of energy circulation providing relaxation and revitalisation.
  • Aikitaiso and Do In – breathing exercises, massage techniques and chi cong.
Tariff: 30 Euros – individual session lasting 30 minutes
50 Euros – one hour session
For group workshops and training programmes, please contact Claude:
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Armelle & Bernard Rion in Vosne Romanée (Truffles)
Wife of a winegrower, Armelle also breeds dogs, which she trains to hunt….. truffles.
In autumn, a meeting is not to be missed with her and her husband Bernard for hunting expeditions and above all to obtain culinary hints.
Armelle advises you to consult the website of the Confrérie de Truffe de Bourgogne, which proposes gastronomic menus and visits of truffle sites…
It is important to note that this Domaine can welcome groups of up to 50 people, even the week-end on appointment (please visit their website)
3 Rue Gambetta
21120 Is sur Tille
Domaine Armelle et Bernard Rion
8 Route Nationale
21700 Vosne Romanée
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Nathalie Buffey-Razavet (painter)
You will find Nathalie’s workshop right in the heart of the village of Flagey Echezeaux near the river Vouge, which gave its name to Vougeot…. But in fact, access is easier via Gilly Les Cîteaux…
The workshop “A vos Papiers” offers amongst other things lessons in painting, engraving, and mosaic design every Saturday morning between 10am and midday. Nathalie also organises two-day courses on request...
It is a simple, friendly, serene and special place; a family home as one would imagine; the river providing a circulation of energy and freshness.
This large workshop lets colours burst out… Nathalie who, herself, in her delightful disorderliness lets all the energy and spirit from within spill out in to her paintings. Without a doubt the monks would have found some inspiration at the sound of the frogs and toads who croak with “joie de vivre” near this charming dwelling! (Nathalie too, as she sings jazz and gospel...)
Nathalie also looks after 4 guest rooms in an adjoining building, which figure in the guides of charming places to stay.

Nathalie Buffey –Razavet
Le Petit Paris
21640 Flagey Echezeaux
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Françoise Aubert – Quilt Market (Fabrics)
A meeting with Françoise is not to be forgotten...
Former Air Hostess, she channels her love of travelling in to her quest for magnificent original cloth… in the United States. She brings it back to her château in Bessey les Cîteaux. There, away from the hustle and bustle, small miracles occur. Quilt Market was born, which is a place where talented fingers are at work in the forest of Cîteaux and elsewhere.
The Queen of patchwork, she knows how to combine ancient and modern pieces of cloth, embroidery and delicate and shimmering colours… Added to these creations are those from other artists of the region in her workshop cum boutique. There, you will find cushions, bed throws, aprons, bags, table cloths…
Seconded by the talent of her daughter Aurélie, she proposes, subject to prior arrangement, technical lessons in patchwork for beginners or improvers.
One cannot miss a visit to this Ali Baba’s cave where you will be captivated by this old dwelling which has come back to life thanks to the creation of a few guest rooms.
Françoise et Aurélie Aubert
24 rue de la Rivière
21110 Bessey les Cîteaux
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Verodalla creations
Hand made,decoration…
Route principale - 21230 Culêtre
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Site Gallo-Romain de l'Ecartelot : Like a museum in the complete nature...
Don't miss a conference with Danielle Ratel.Completely pasionnated by history of the country and archeology.
She makes the stones speaking. The meeting of the past and present...
(She only speaks french...)
chemin des Vignes,
21700 Chevrey